Artificial Stupidity

The continuing sad and sorry saga of the rather silly Transport Tycoon Artificial Intelligence player...

O Lord Chris of the blessed surname Sawyer! You know we love You, but You have to admit the Artificial Intelligence agents You programmed into the original Transport Tycoon remind us of McMurphy at the end of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Therefore, with respect, the Ostentatiously Holy Church of Transport Tycoon recounts some of the more memorable exploits of the lobotomised AI competitors in Transport Tycoon...

I have culled the collection of stupidities to show a mere handful of typical cases for your cynical pleasure.
No more contributions of AI dumbness please!

Stupid Bridges

Stupid Transport Tycoon AI

Stupidly Getting from A to B

Stupid Transport Tycoon AI

Alzheimers - AI forgetfulness

Stupid Transport Tycoon AI

Miscellaneous Stupidity

A single random piece of track left accidentally by me attracted the wrath of the evil Transport Tycoon UFO...

Stupid Transport Tycoon AI

Plane Stupidity- trouble with AI aeronautics
The dumbo-jumbos were shuttling between Flardinhall and Parnway airports - 300 metres apart!

Stupid Spaghetti Transport

Stupid Transport Tycoon AI

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A Case of the Stupid Wiggles

Stupid Transport Tycoon AI

This is a classic piece of stupid construction. It is probably not a genuine piece of AI stupidity - more like a human tribute to the wonky construction skills of the TT builders. But it is still a nice piece of useless railway design.

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Stupid Transport Tycoon AI

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